Monday, September 20, 2010

Many Sweet Memories

I have a good friend who posted a picture of an old church and talked about the many sweet memories she had of it.  This is for Janet.

Many sweet memories we had in that place
Of family and friends and God’s holy grace
These are the things even time can’t erase

They built the foundation, put in a floor
Raised up the walls and opened the door
And that was way back in 1804

It was out in the sticks, Gates County, NC
The Middle Swamp Baptist Church came to be
And with it a part of my life’s history

My grandparents, their parents and countless before
Gathered to see what God had in store
And together they founded a lasting rapport

Then down through the years, as God had intended
My parents, my sisters and I have attended
And our love for this church has never ended

Many sweet memories we had in that place
Of family and friends and God’s holy grace
These are the things even time can’t erase

Mdailey 9/17/10

The Tree in the Shenandoah

Allen Pearson takes beautiful pictures and at times they inspire me to write a poem around them.  Here is one of them

The tree is young yet passed its prime
It’s fallen on some harder time
It set its roots in rocky soil
And rocks became this young tree’s toil
And so it is with man as well
A poor foundation soon will tell
His hold on life will soon grow dim
As he rots out from deep within
And thinking even deeper yet
Trees and man and faith are met
For as the roots support a tree
Faith for man will always be
So we must root our faith in God
Not sand, or rocky soil; but sod
And feed our roots on daily prayer
And bask within God’s love light there
So we can live a life that’s strong
In God’s backyard where we belong

Mdailey 9/18/10

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I received an e-mail from the Decons of the church we attended in VA.  It was just to announce the subject of an upcoming decon's meeting - Worship.  I wrote this poem and sent it back to them for use in the meeting.

What is the meaning of worship?
To idolize, honor, respect
To keep on one’s mind
Most all of the time
To remember – to never neglect

What is the sign of worship?
To get on your knees and pray
Or to reach out to your brother,
Father, sister and mother
And all others you meet in your day

What is the greatest of worship?
To give of your life to the lord
In all thoughts and deeds
And for all of your needs
He’ll ask no more than you can afford

What is the study of worship?
The study of God’s precious word
And how it applies
To your daily lives
And how from our sins we are cured

Mdailey 8/31/10

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spiritual Progress

I was looking through my collection of spiritual poems and discovered that I had met my initial goal of a poem for each week out of the year.  I have written close to 60 and have posted at least 36 of them on this blog.  I hope someone is getting some good out of them.

Keep Me Safe

This beautiful picture of clouds by Allen Pearson inspired me to write a poem and send it to him. 

I saw the storm clouds gathering
I prayed – Lord, keep me safe
With all your might and majesty
Protect this lowly waif
Not just from Mother Nature
From all evil stalking me
Part the clouds of doubt and sin
So your bright light I might see
For as the Bible tells us
You’re the light and you’re the way
Guide me and protect me
Keep me safe, I pray.

Mdailey 8/26/10

After the Storm

I have a friend that is a photographer.  His name is Allen Pearson.  He recently posted some pictures of clouds and inspired me to write some poems to go along with some of them.

After the storm has passed us
Red clouds dot the sky
Reflecting hell’s own fire storm
That somehow passed us by
Then all at once the clouds part
Bright rays come shining through
Reminding us that God’s still there
No matter what we do
So when your life is stormy
And red cloud’s all you see
Remember God’s still with you
And His light will set you free.

Mdailey 8/26/10

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Woodsy Stream

I wrote this a little over a year ago but never posted it.

Life is like a woodsy stream that constantly is flowing
You’re just a bubble in that stream not knowing where you’re going
Twists and turns come suddenly and catch you unaware
But you ride upon the current; the twists and turns your fare
When rocks and logs get in the way, you somehow flow around them
You don’t let yourself get bogged down with the drama that surrounds them
The stream’s sometimes so quiet; you can almost hear things think
Then all at once it gets so loud your eyes begin to blink
And then it changes once again for no un-Godly reason
And this goes on for years and years and season after season
And there are bigger things my friends that come upon the stream
Disrupting how the water flows; disturbing all your dreams
Then in a fleeting moment you look and they are gone
And just like that you realize that you too have moved on
Sure you’ll come upon some rapids and perhaps a waterfall
Just bask in the excitement; don’t freeze in fear and stall
At times you’ll find a quiet pond and stay right there awhile
But the winds will change and in a bit you’ll have gone another mile
My stream’s down to a trickle but I know it’s not the end
The winds will change and pretty soon I’ll be off around the bend
I don’t know where it will take me, but I won’t be denied
I can’t wait to see what’s next; I’ve so enjoyed this ride

Mdailey - 7/3/09

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ten Dollar Bill

I heard this story in a sermon and decided to put it to rhyme.  I hope you enjoy my version.
He held up a ten dollar bill
All heads turned; the room got still
Who would like this brand new bill?
All hands were in the air
He crumpled up that brand new bill
And asked if they would like it still
This crumpled up but still good bill
All hands were in the air
He threw the bill upon the ground
Stepped on it and ground it down
Who wants this bill all bent and brown?
All hands were in the air
But this ten dollar bill is not crisp and clean
It’s crumpled and dirty and no longer green
Who would still want this, it is almost obscene
All hands were in the air

My friends, many times in our lives I have found
We are down and we’re crumpled like dirt on the ground
But even at that our value is sound
Our lives are worth living still
So consider this lesson whenever you meet
The crumpled, the fallen, the man on the street
His worth is not less it is merely discrete
Like this crumpled up ten dollar bill

  Mdailey     02/19/09

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

His Hand on My Shoulder

I wrote this awhile back but never got around to posting it.  Let me know if it does anything for you.

As a youth I was a Christian
Knowing not what I believe
Heard the words but I just didn’t listen
It was more than my mind could conceive

Then all at once He touched my shoulder
Turning me now to His path
Showing me how to be bolder
By leaning much more on his staff

In the Army in my first real battle
Pinned down by the enemy fire
Kneeling so my knees wouldn’t rattle
Praying to God my desire

Then all at once He touched my shoulder
Turning me back to His path
And the heat of the battle turned colder
As I leaned on my Lord and his staff

Down through the years I’ve been trying
To constantly follow His leads
And I know there is no denying
He’s been there through all of my needs

Then all at once He touched my shoulder
Leading me now on His path
Knowing I won’t get much older
I’m leaning much more on his staff

Mdailey     4/21/08

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Man That I AM

I have opened the door that no one can close
I have given you choices – which ones have you chose
I have done what I came for – done all that I can
I have shown that I’m more than the man that I am

I’ve walked through each country – blessed all that I could
I’ve taught you the good news and how to be good
I’ve cured deafness and blindness – you know that I can
I have shown that I’m more than the man that I am

I’ve talked of the mission that I’ve given to you
I’ve sent you the spirit to help you get through
You know why I came here and done all that I can
Can’t you see that I’m more than the man that I am

And what did it get me – what was the cost
You cursed me and beat me – hung me up on a cross
I didn’t repay you in kind – though I can
But then I wouldn’t be more than the man that I am

Mdailey   2/19/08

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blameless on the Cross

I wrote this a few years ago.  I had heard the phrase "blameless on the cross" and wanted to see where that took me in verse.  Here it is.

You were there hanging blameless on the cross
You were there all alone as if your cause were lost
I could not see the path you laid before me
For I did not understand
You were blameless on the cross
For all the sins of man

I’ve heard about your preaching – some said you are the one
But you’re hanging up there on the cross as if it’s said and done
And me, I’m just a simple man hanging out here on the edge
Waiting for a simple sign that shows God kept his pledge
And even you – if you are the one – cried out as if forsaken
And those along the edge with me our faith was surely shaken

For we all had such high hopes for the one to lead the way
To show the world we are the chosen ones to rule the day
But you – you seem a simple man so frail and so slim
The only fire you ever show is the fire that burns within
You tell us to forgive our debtors and to turn the other cheek
For the world will be given to the gentle and meek
But for those on the edge we’re feeling lonely and lost
For you’re hanging blamelessly up there on the cross

Many years have come and gone and still some wonder
Were you a man or truly God own son
Me – I’ve got a faith no man can put asunder
I know deep in my heart you are the ONE
You were hanging blameless on the cross
Not alone, your cause had not been lost
All the sins of man were hanging too
Paid for by your love we were made anew

Mdailey    2/19/08

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hope: A Path to Fulfillment

There is suffering down here on Earth
Since long before Biblical times
But it’s not an inditement on what we are worth
It is part of the grander designs
We suffer because we are human
We give in to corruption and greed
Admit it – you do it too, man
You always want more than you need
But God’s promised a brighter tomorrow
As only our God could conceive
A path of fulfillment – not sorrow
Hope – for those that believe

Mdailey - 05/18/09

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Saw an Angel

With the passing of a friend, I thought of this poem I wrote a while back as a comfort to a co-worker who had lost his wife.  I thought I would share it with all of you.

 And then at once, I saw an angel
Sitting there as if at rest
I thought my lord, where have you gone
I loved you so, you loved me best
 The stone was rolled back from the tomb front
There in your place, an angel sat
He said don’t fear, he has arisen
If you’ll recall, he told you that

Thus did the Bible tell the story
Of our lord’s defeat of death
Twas truth back then as is today
Still takes away my very breath

And so today I think about him
And the love that we all share
As I sit here close by your bedside
Holding hands in silent prayer

You lived a life but now it’s ending
There’s still so much I’d like to say
But in silence I’ll just stay here
Close my eyes, I kneel and pray

And then at once, I saw an angel
Sitting there as if at rest
I thought my lord, where have you gone
I loved you so, God loved you best

Mdailey   05/14/08